Weathering the Storm: 5 Things Every Business Should Implement Today

The Coronavirus has everyone trying to make changes and "weather the storm" of this pandemic.  I have put together a list of some things you can implement today to help get you through this time, and that will help you even when things are back to "normal."

1. Simplify your processes:  While you are stuck at home, take time to evaluate your processes and make necessary adjustments that will allow you to still be successful in the "virtual world."  If you navigate these times with a simplified process, then it will make you even more efficient once you have a full roster of resources at your disposal.  

If you are thinking of ways to streamline your business, are there products or services that you offer that take up more than their fair share of your time and resources?  If so, maybe you should consider removing or modifying those first.

2. Maximize Your Profit Margin: Look at the way you are pricing your products and services and ensure that it makes sense.  Now is a great time to make a pivot into a new model.  You can't change people already on your books, but you can make the change today to improve each client going forward.

3.  Reinforce Your Ideal Clients Habits: The more that you can keep serving your clients and customers as you always have, even if you have to modify how you communicate with them, the better you will be.  By continuing to conduct business, the less opportunity you give your competitors to intrude on "your" turf.  

4. Get Ahead of the Competitive Landscape: We are in an interesting time and while many people are reaching out to help in the community, the truth remains that some businesses will not survive the current economic times.  Taking the time to scale back your services and conserving resources while demand is lighter, will position you to take advantage of the new normal on the other side of this crisis.

5. Make Adjustments and Learn New Skills: Are there things you offer that you really wish you didn't?  Now is a great time to make adjustments.  Take time to reflect and use this time to update where you see your business going.  Now is also a great time to learn a new skill.  Take that course you've been wanting to do, but "never have time."  Watch tutorial videos on Youtube, Google offers free resources, and many industry leaders are offering free or significantly discounted learning tools.

Utilize this time wisely.  The world seems to be completely out of control, but it is important to cover what you CAN control.  When you take the time to work ON your business rather than always working IN it, you allow your business to grow and survive times like today! 


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