A Christmas Season Tradition: "Life Lessons and Things to Ponder from A Christmas Story"

personal Dec 22, 2018
During the Christmas season of 2015, I wrote the first version of my blog describing life lessons learned from the movie classic, "A Christmas Story."  Due in large part to the amazing following the movie has, that first blog was popular with many people. Last Christmas I decided to write version 2, and this year I've decided just to make it an annual celebration.
I watch the movie multiple times during the Christmas Season and know nearly every line, yet I still find things each year that resonate differently with me.  With each year that passes, new life experiences affect the way we look at our lives, including our favorite movies.
Lesson 1: Sometimes dreams do come true!  Dream big dreams, and don't let the doubt in others make you doubt yourself.  Ralphie had a big dream.  He knew without a doubt that he wanted "an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two hundred shot range model air rifle!"  As a matter of fact, he asks for it 28 times in the movie.
Lesson 2: Persistence pays off!  Ralphie tries over and over to convince his parents that the gun would make the perfect Christmas gift, and in the end he gets what his heart desired.  Even when people tell you that "you'll shoot your eye out," don't give up.  A lesson within the lesson is that Ralphie did indeed shoot his eye, BUT it wasn't the disaster that his parents feared after all. 
Lesson 3: Multiple roads can lead to success.  
Ralphie realizes there are people in his world that are in his parents' sphere of influence that may change their gift buying ideas including his teacher, and of course, Santa.  When working through a problem or difficult situation, don't put all your eggs in one basket.  Include multiple options and methods into the decision making process because you never know which one will ultimately work.
Lesson 4: People are motivated more by rewards than punishments.
Rewarding people tends to get better results than the alternative.  Something as simple as a "leg lamp" can lead to pride.  It isn't about the reward itself, but rather the acknowledgment of a job well done. 
Take time to get to know those around you.  You can definitely get more of what you want by helping others get what they want.
Lesson 5: People will "Triple Dog Dare" you.  Don't be paralyzed by your fear.  Stand up for yourself and prove the naysayers wrong.
There will be people who doubt you, but that shouldn't cause you to doubt yourself.  You should also not fall for foolish "dares" just because you want to prove something.  Make wise choices in your relationships and surround yourself with people who will encourage you even when they don't understand your goals.
Christmas is the perfect time to evaluate the important things in life.  I hope that you will find the "Red Ryder" that you are dreaming of this year.  Don't be sucked in by the terrible advertising of today's "decoder rings." Stay true to your dreams and pursue them!!

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