Schedule for More Productive Days

business focus Sep 29, 2020

Scheduling allows for more productive days.

Planning my work prevents me from feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Although unexpected situations sometimes arise, I am able to manage them because I build in time for them. Being proactive about planning also makes me more productive. I focus on the important things first and earn bigger wins that way. 

Whenever my day feels chaotic, I take a step back and look at what is in front of me. I allow myself to filter out what I am able to postpone and concentrate on the urgent matters.

Even my personal time is scheduled because it allows me to achieve balance. Enjoying too much downtime leads to a declining work ethic. I like being able to stay mentally sharp so I add constructive activities to my days off as well.

Being productive means more than achieving work tasks. It also means being able to spend time on building relationships.  My friends and family members are important to me. I work on quality time with them so we are able to strengthen our bond. That is a duty that I enjoy so I am sure to make time for it.

Today, scheduling offers the kind of control that makes life easier. I avoid feeling restricted by plans because I know they show me where my priorities lie. I am content with achieving the things that I consider important to my well-being.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How do I choose between equally important competing demands on my time?
  2. How do I know when I have reached my maximum workload?
  3. In what other aspects of my life do I find scheduling helpful?

I encourage you to schedule out your day both personally and professionally to achieve the harmony that you are looking for.  There is no such thing as a 50/50 balance, but you can achieve balance as you define it for your family and your business.


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