Weathering the Storm: 5 Things Every Business Should Implement Today

The Coronavirus has everyone trying to make changes and "weather the storm" of this pandemic.  I have put together a list of some things you can implement today to help get you through this time, and that will help you even when things are back to "normal."

1. Simplify your processes:  While you are stuck at home, take time to evaluate your processes and make necessary adjustments that will allow you to still be successful in the "virtual world."  If you navigate these times with a simplified process, then it will make you even more efficient once you have a full roster of resources at your disposal.  

If you are thinking of ways to streamline your business, are there products or services that you offer that take up more than their fair share of your time and resources?  If so, maybe you should consider removing or modifying those first.

2. Maximize Your Profit Margin: Look at the way you are pricing your products and services and ensure that it makes...

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Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

As we approach the end of 2019, we are busy preparing marketing strategies for the new year for all of our clients.  The goal setting sessions and planning got me thinking about the trends and a few predictions I think we will see in 2020.

1. Facebook and Google will continue to dominate as the main source of paid digital advertising.  According to eMarketer, 72% of all online spend will be between these two platforms.  I personally believe that the percentage will rise as Instagram ads continue to grow in popularity and get "lumped into" the Facebook bucket.

2. The integration of A.I. into the marketing space will continue to grow in 2020.  Many marketing analysts have begun referring to this as conversational marketing.  Most of the impact of this trend may still be a few year away, but the integration of "smart speakers" and similar devices will be a major factor in 2020.  According to Gartner research, 60% of owners used the device to make a...

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