The Marketing Mastermind with GT

Learn to market your business to reach more of your ideal clients in the constantly changing marketplace

Learn to Create Social Media Posts That Reach Your Ideal Client

I will help you identify the best platform to focus your efforts, learn the different types of posts that resonate with your clients

Create a Content Calendar That Has Been Proven to Improve Engagement

Creating new content can be overwhelming, but I will show you how to repurpose it on multiple platforms so YOU can FOCUS more on your strengths

Implement Business Processes to Gain Back Your Freedom and Reduce Overwhelm

Learn new processes that will allow you to spend more time working ON your business rather than working IN it.  Spend more time focused on your area of genius

"Marketing is truly Greg's passion, but it is seeing the success of his clients that drives him. Greg has helped me in a variety of ways including Instagram and Facebook Ads. "

Ashley S.
Wedding Planner

Week 1: Social Media

-What platforms you should be posting on to reach more of your ideal clients

-Optimizing your social profiles to attract the right audience

-What to post and when to post it

Week 2: Creating a Content Calendar

-I will share my content calendar template so you can keep your online presence cohesive

-Learn techniques for bulk scheduling

-Analytics review of best days and times to post for your audience

Week 3: Common Business Mistakes

-Mistakes that business owners make and how to overcome them

-Hiring mistakes

-Expenses vs. Investments

Week 4: Live Video

-How to overcome your fear of being on camera

-How to use video in conjunction with your marketing strategy

-How to select topics for your videos and increase audience engagement

Week 5: Website Layout & SEO

-What makes an effective homepage layout for your website

-How to set up your "back end" to ensure the best SEO for your site

-Creating content that will keep your site relevant for the long haul

Week 6: Business Processes

-Take back your time by implementing automation in your business processes

-Track profitability 

-Outsource weaknesses while making time for your "zone of genius"

The Marketing Mastermind with GT

Create the Marketing Plan You Have Been Dreaming About. Get Rid of the Overwhelm and Focus on the Things That Make YOU Special!!


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